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Welcome to CAL Corner where we seek to encourage the use of Conference Approved Literature, or CAL.  We are truly blessed to have so much literature available to us today.  In the early days of Al-Anon, literature was scarce, if available at all.  In this space, we hope to periodically highlight a particular piece of CAL.

We are currently highlighting the workbook


A member shares her thoughts on this book:

The questions in the Reaching for Personal Freedom are challenging and stimulating ...”

“Today my favorite book is “Reaching for Personal Freedom”.  I am so thankful and grateful to be a part of a small group that has committed to studying the Twelve Steps (one step a month).  As a part of our study group we also look up each step in the daily readers, How Al-Anon Works, and Paths to Recovery.  The questions in the “Reaching for Personal Freedom” are challenging and stimulating and the extra reading in the other CAL literature makes it all come together.  As suggested in CAL, I’ve added the Traditions and the Concepts to my personal study and this workbook helps tremendously in learning how to apply all in my personal life and in Al-Anon service.”